Stories from the Babysits community

Me and my wife were going to Karlstad, Sweden to attend a wedding this spring. We wanted to make it into a weekend vacation, and therefore we also wanted to bring our two kids. However, the kids were not allowed at the wedding party. Even though we don't know anyone in Karlstad, we were able to find the sweetest babysitter through babysits!

Richard, Karlstad

When we first moved to our new home town we didn't know that many people. As both me and my husband work a lot we needed to find a nanny that were able to commit to a monthly schedule. Through Babysits we were able to find a great babysitter among many good candidates. Especially the transparency of the platform made it possible for us to find one that met all our child care requirements.

Sofia, Lund

The Babysits app has really made it so much easier for me to find babysitting jobs close to where I live. The review function makes it fun and easy to grow on the platform, and is very helpful in making parents find your profile and get in touch.

Teo, Stockholm

I used to babysit regularly for a family in my neighborhood before, but when they moved away. I then found out about Babysits, and after creating my account, I was contacted by multiple parents near me. On Babysits I can take on as many babysitting jobs as I need and make sure to never be left jobless again!

Sara, Malmö