Online Tutoring to Help kids

Online Tutoring to Help kids

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By Babysits
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It is not easy to convince our kids that extra online tutoring is a good idea. Once the school bell rings at the end of the day our kids mentally clock out. However, some children need extra help after school, whether it is online tutoring or homework assistance Babysits has got you covered. Start now to rely on a babysitter to teach your kids online through Skype, it is the 21st century after all!

We are not saying that online tutoring is an easy task, however, new technology has made this task extremely efficient and worth while.

Therefore, babysitters can help by encouraging children to do their homework online.

All you need:

  • A good internet connection
  • A Skype account or other platforms where you can make video calls
  • A lot of patience and perseverance!

But how do we ensure this process is efficient? As a babysitter, you need to prove to the parents that you are a suitable candidate. Are you going to take it serious? And are you dedicated to keeping the children interacted and stimulated preventing them from getting distracted? Here you can find a number of tips to help the process run smoothly;

online tutoring steps


  • Use a computer as the big screen helps you to monitor the lesson easily. Avoid using your smartphone as it can be impractical in situations like these. Alternatively, you can use a tablet
  • Choose a comfortable place to sit, with good lighting
  • Try to maintain good posture, this will help you focus and prevent any aches and pains
  • Make yourself presentable, even if you're at home
  • Ask in advance for the parent to send you a photo or scan of the homework so you have enough time to prep for the exercises
  • Write all the necessary steps required including any theoretical rules


  • Read the exercises aloud
  • Together with the child, discuss how to solve the exercises. For example, in the case of mathematics exercises, it is important not only to define the necessary steps but also to check and carry out each short step in order to avoid mistakes
  • If it helps, have the child read aloud on how he or she is solving the problem
  • If you find the child in extreme difficulty, you can alternatively make a video tutorial of the first exercises


  • When you're done, ask the child to read how he/she solved the exercise or, alternatively, ask him/her to send you a picture of the worksheet so you can check it afterwards. If it is a memory exercise, repeat it together and then have him/her say it on their own
  • Reward both of you for finishing your homework as on days like these, it is important to remain united, and above all positive. Help the children by encouraging them, to keep track of their achievements, for example, you can take a notebook and write all the homework completed during the day

To spend time together, but from a distance, you can also entertain the children by doing some Babysits DIYs, through video tutorials or just a video call. You will only need a few materials, which you probably already have at home.

In general, whether you are a babysitter or a parent, always remember to follow these 6 tips to help children do their homework!

It is possible to help children in every subject you just need to find the right method.

Is it difficult? Yes, especially with very young children. Naturally it will be easier to help teenagers or children who are already "old" enough to know how to use the computer.

Can it help? Yes, it can. Therefore, if as a babysitter you cannot leave home because it is too risky, you can always provide support by helping those families who have difficulty helping their children to do their homework.

Surely it will be easier for a family to call someone they know, but don't give up; you can always sign up here as a babysitter, but specify your clear intention to help children do their homework online. With a clear description and a complete profile, the chances of being chosen will be even higher!

Good Luck!

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