New Babysits Function: Virtual Babysitting A Globally Viable Option

New Babysits Function: Virtual Babysitting A Globally Viable Option

By Babysits
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Babysitting platform supports parents working from home globally with virtual babysitting feature.

As of October 1st, there are over 61,000 babysitters and childcare providers on Babysits that are offering virtual babysitting services.

Babysits, an online platform connecting parents with child care providers, continues to help their community during these unprecedented times. As COVID-19 causes social distancing and self-isolation, over 51 million students across the United States have been affected. Not only have kids been dismissed from school, many parents are expected to work from home, making it difficult for some families to cope. Because of the government measures, the situation around the Coronavirus also leads to struggles in finding child care. Grandparents, who also make up a large proportion of childcare for many families, are being advised not to babysit in many cases because of the higher risk they have with regards to the virus.

With this in mind, Babysits is taking actions to support families and released a new feature to support remote babysitting.

“The whole Babysits team is currently working on adapting our services to the current situation and circumstances. All our resources are directed towards the development of useful new features and content to pursue our mission of empowering communities around child care - now also remotely.” - Peter Van Soldt, founder of Babysits

Huge increase in interest around virtual babysitting

According to Forbes, searches for virtual babysitting have jumped by 700% from March to April.

To help support parents and babysitter with this feature, Babysits has released several articles and guides with tips for how to have a successful virtual babysitting.

More information about the remote babysitting feature.

Babysits has also tested out virtual babysitting, having virtually babysat for parents in Singapore and Ireland, even while located in their headquarters in the Netherlands!

Having been tested, virtual babysitting empirically can be a valuable resource to provide support for some parents at this time, as many parents are still working from home with kids out of school. Even more, it can be a resource where people across the country and the globe even, can support each other by entertaining, helping educate, and looking after kids virtually.

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