Daddy Day Care

Daddy Day Care

By Babysits, 4 min read

How would you describe your dad? Is he strong, caring, loving, kind? When we are older our perceptions can change. As a child, you may remember dad as the fun, goofy parent instead of the responsible and serious one. Looking back as an adult can often tell a different story. Do we underestimate our dads? Are they just the “helpers” and “jokers” of the family? In recent years the role of the modern dad has completely evolved. This change in role can overwhelm modern dads making them feel confused as to what they can do to fit this new role.

Before reading this article, we want to inform you that a family is not always made up of a mom and a dad. Whether a family is made up of a mom and dad, 2 moms, 2 dads, one single mother or father or a completely different combination - a family must always be a union shaped by support, cohesion and, last but not least, love. We clearly want to address every type of family and parent with this article.

The family dynamic has changed, no longer is it a mother’s duty to stay at home to cook and clean whilst the dad goes out to work. In a lot of cases, both parents go to work, therefore, parenting needs to be reasonably delegated. Having a household with two working parents sends out a positive message, it shows partnership and equality. The modern dad is slowly changing the stereotype of Dads around the world.
It is no longer the norm to come home to your dinner on the table and your kids washed and ready for bedtime. Dads are now required to be more present and are slowly learning how to be “cool dads” in today’s society.

being a dad

Morning routine with dad

Morning routines are rarely enjoyable, no parent or child ever wants to leave their cosy bed to go to work or school. Parents should take turns being the alarm clock. Give your partner an extra few minutes to sleep in or have a coffee whilst dad wakes the children. Dads can make getting ready for school fun by creating fun games to play to get the children excited for the day ahead.

Who says dads can’t cook?

There are many famous chefs around the world who are men. Get creative with some fun lunches for the kids. It doesn’t need to be difficult, children eat with their eyes, make it appealing. Add a surprise element to their lunchboxes, to help create excitement about dad making lunch. For example, you can make this snack with Minions for a fun, tasty, and healthy lunch for your kids: Snack for kids

Daddy Day

Sometimes dads are the primary breadwinner of the family. If this is the case, dad should try to have a daddy day where he takes a day off work to bring the children on an outing or spend some quality time at home. Giving your partner a break from the hectic family life. Dad can use this as an opportunity to bond with the children and prove that dads can be fun and responsible.

Dads bedtime routine

Bedtime is always a great way to spend quality time with your children. Dads love to tuck their children into bed and tell them a night-time story. Cool dads don’t need to read storybooks, they can get creative by telling a story about an adventure they had as a child. Children love to learn about their parents and what they were like as a child.

Dads can feel intimidated by their new role as a parent. As society has changed from when we were children, it is hard to know where to find guidance. It is unlikely that our parents have any experience with the new modern family unit as they grew up in more traditional households. Nowadays both parents have the freedom to take on whatever role they wish. It is important to have a diverse family unit where both parents are equal partners.

We know that the majority of dads often are unable to spend quality time because of work, but with the suggestions above, your kids will remember you as an amazing dad!