The magic of Christmas

The magic of Christmas

By Babysits
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Are you counting down the days until your Christmas holidays? Don’t worry, that time of year where families come together to celebrate the festive season is nearly upon us! We want to provide you with some ideas to help you spend quality time with your loved ones and to help you remember this Christmas as the best one yet.

In honor of the holiday spirit, you should spend more time with your loved ones doing some fun Christmas activities. Check out these 5 fun activities to do with your family and kids:

Have you already written your letter to Santa?

We don’t really write many letters these days, do we? But there is one you never forget! If you haven't helped your kid to write their letter to Santa yet, don't worry! We have provided you with three templates to print or fill in with your kid's wishes. If your child is a baby, you can use the template which includes drawings.

letter to santa
letter to santa
letter to santa

Santa Claus always has time for every child around the world.

Your favorite Christmas movie marathon

So many Christmas movies are released every year that we have lost count. However, the classics that everybody knows and loves, need to be watched! We recommend the movie "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, because it has a deep meaning; the story is about a man who is going to improve his holiday spirit thanks to three spirits who are going to show him how Christmas would be if he does not change his attitude. This meaningful story will teach your child that in life it is more important to be surrounded by loved ones at Christmas instead of only caring about the presents.

Family treasure hunt

It's family time! Organize a treasure hunt to have fun with all your family members! Make some small cardboard reindeers and hide them around the house. To make the reindeer you just need old cardboard, colors and a pompom for the nose!

Christmas reindeer
The person that finds the most reindeers wins an extra gift!

Discover the beauty of Christmas markets

It does not feel like Christmas until you visit your local Christmas market. Choose a day where all the family is free and spend a cozy afternoon walking around the markets. They contain beautiful small wooden houses where people sell local products: from typical food to nice Christmas decorations for your house! If you still haven’t bought any original gifts for your friends, you can find a wide range of ideas at the market. Or you can visit and enjoy the delicious food and drink!

Who doesn't love cookies?

Last but not least, you can cook a yummy recipe that can be easily prepared with the children! Try out these shortbread cookies, the perfect recipe for Christmas and for cozy afternoons! Don’t forget to buy cookie cutters to make the coolest shapes.

Merry Christmas!

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