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Babysits profile

If you don’t receive emails, notifications or messages from Babysits, we would recommend checking your spam/trash folders. Further, we would recommend checking your notification settings to see if you are subscribed to the email service.

To help other users on Babysits find you more easily, public profiles are made searchable. This means that your profile may also be included in search engines, like Google.

Don't worry, if you delete your profile from our platform, then it will also be removed from search engines. Please note that search engines do not update all changes to pages every day. Keep it mind that it can sometimes take up to 3 months before your profile is entirely removed from search engines.

When you include a clear profile photo featuring your face, it creates more reliability and trust. Parents and babysitters are unlikely to contact a user without a profile photo.

Click here to learn more about how to make a professional profile photo and why it’s important to have one.

If your profile appears at the top of the search results, other users will find your profile with more ease. To increase your search ranking, you can do three things:

  1. Complete badges. The goal of the badges system is to foster a community of motivated members by favoring the highest quality and most verified profiles.
  2. Use the platform and check/update your profile regularly.
  3. Focus on your profile description. It is the first thing other members will notice.

Babysits allows users to report content on Babysits that violates our Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines. To report a user, you can go to the user’s profile and click on “report this profile”. You will then be prompted to write and send a report. Babysits will then be notified of these reports and will take any action that may be necessary. Reports are confidential, meaning that the user you reported will not be notified of your report.

If you want to hide a conversation with a user, you can simply click on the archive button in your inbox. It is not possible to entirely delete a conversation.

If you have not received a verification code, we advise you to request a new code via the personal information page.

It is not possible for users to independently merge their accounts. If you have multiple accounts that need to be merged, please contact the customer service. We will merge them for you, so that all messages you have received or sent will be in one inbox. When contacting customer service, be sure to include the email addresses of the accounts that you want to merge and the email address of the account that you want to keep using.

At Babysits, we follow a Fair Use Policy. This means that we have imposed a limit on the number of messages that a user can send in order to prevent spam and any other misuse of the messaging service.

Our goal is to achieve a trustworthy community in which users only send messages to other users when they are actually interested in the proposed service. By limiting the amount of messages that users can send, our hope is also that users will send better quality messages.

If you've reached your limit, you can contact customer support for more information.

If you've forgotten your password, you can request to reset your password by clicking the “forgot password” link located under the login box. After you enter the email address linked to your account, we will email you a link to reset your password. If you’re still having trouble logging in, contact customer service.

You can change your account type on the personal information page of your account. If you accidentally signed up as a parent and meant to sign up as a babysitter, or vice versa, and aren't able to change it yourself, please contact our customer service. We will correct this for you.

You can change your password by navigating to the login and security page. Enter your current and new password, then click on ‘save’. After this, your password is updated.

You can unsubscribe from Babysits email service on the notification page or by clicking on the unsubscribe link in any notification email. Please note that currently the function to unsubscribe is available on the Babysits website accessed on a desktop or mobile web browser, and is not featured on the Babysits mobile application.

Contact information, such as your address, email, phone number, and social media accounts, will never be displayed or shared with third parties or other users. We use this information to verify who you are, provide accurate search results, and contact you, if necessary. It is entirely up to you to share any contact information with other users.

First, check that you are signed in to your own country’s platform; you are not able to enter addresses which are located outside the country you are logged in to. Second, please ensure that you are using the correct format for your postcode. Finally, if you are still having trouble or your city does not appear to be in our database, please contact customer service so we can help you further.

On Babysits, canceling the premium account stops your automatic payment, and making your profile private makes your profile invisible to other users.

If you have any days left on your premium account, you can still use the premium services for these remaining days after the cancellation of your premium account. After your premium account expires, you still retain access to your Babysits account on a free account, including the ability to continue any conversations you had started and access to your transaction details. If you would no longer like to be charged for a premium account but would like to continue having access to your account, this is the best option.

Making your account private makes your profile invisible for other users. This action does not cancel your premium account. While your profile is private you can continue any conversations that you have already started with other users.

To make your profile private, log in to your Babysits account and go to your edit profile page. Click on the “make profile private” button.

You can easily delete your account at any time. Simply log into your Babysits account and go to the account page. At the bottom of the page, click on the “deactivate account” button to go to the page where you can delete your account. When deleting your account, your profile will also be removed from our platform. If you are a parent and you have a premium account, this will also be canceled.